The Sweetwater Seas - A Documentary about North Ameriaca's Great Lakes
Issues Affecting the Great Lakes



Some of the Challenges we will cover speaking with scientists, environmentalists, business people and other's living and working along the Great Lakes:


• Invasive Species: Sea Lamprey, alewife, zebra mussels, Asian carp


• Saving the Native Species: Coaster Brook Trout, American Eel, Lake Sturgeon, Piping Plover and other species


• Shoreline and wetlands: development to close to and in wetlands, agriculture encroachment into wetlands, shoreline redevelopment, replacing beaches with housing and cement or rocks


Great Lakes

• Agricultural and Urban Runoff: farm chemicals from fertilizer runoff, from manure runoff after putting on fields, lawn fertilizer runoff, street runoff, old sewer systems. Both create pollution and algae blooms


• Water Withdrawals


• Pollution: PCBs, plastic, plastic micro beads, coal dust, oil spills, city wastewater, industrial pollution from a myriad of industries



Lake Ontario


The Sweetwater Seas